This page explains the generator approach and design principles found in Finscale.

What is a generator?

A generator that generates code template and services to run a functional piece of code. It can create a new application, insert another small sub-logic service or update the application.

E.g Add new database type, add new external services like Apache Kafka.

What are blueprints?

A blueprint is a small service that adds a certain type of functional feature by adding a domain and a service.

Blueprints are sub-level applications that work with existing micro-services or application.

E.g Stripe integration is one of the blueprint or adding Axon or messaging layer using blockchain is a blueprint.

Why do we need our own generator?

To be able to generate and have a marketplace of blueprints that can be used by any FI.

A Financial Institution can then automatically spin up services and add only the services which they need and run only these services with a command line interface.

How does Finscale generator works?

We can create a micro-service with the Finscale generator, deploy services with basic essential services that will get created alongside with a generator.

  1. Identity Service

  2. Consensus Service

The generator approach is used, if a consumer wishes to use accounting, and other Finscale services too.