This page explains about the use of AVA based blockchain.

Currently we use AVA based blockchain , suiting out financial application needs.


Blockchain inherently provides governance tools and support security. We can build ledgers that are irreversible, trade values over internet and support smart contract functionality.


Current setup , we would have our token or asset listed as FINS token that will be used as token on X-Chain will be listed under Muellners Foundation (only foundation governs the use of it.) Thus, this FINS token would be used as part of staking in the C-Chain to mint a stable coin, we should make M-FINS (or other name).

The above token could be used to exchange real value over the platform, definitely if the clients are willing to mint thier own token we should allow that.(A wizard like GUI that simplify the operations for them)

One use case is to exchange real payment over the internet , one could use FINS token or the Stable coin.


The use of M-FINS is to exchange in stable value, consider a case of transacting a loan we should be able to do that in non-volatile way or payout of bounty on the bounties platform.

M-FINS will be put to use where Smart Contract are getting executed holders will be able to pay in the M-FINS token. Simply by swapping FINS token or AVAX what ever is easier.