What is Finscale?

Open Source Financial Technology Platform: FINSCALE

An innovative open source financial services platform that is continuous to change for any developer to serve the needs of their use case instantly while supporting thousands of transactions.

Finscale can

  1. Run anywhere

  2. Provide inbuilt data security

  3. Ease of data migration and connectivity with any database - be it a legacy database

  4. Afford to adapt to dynamic regulatory changes

  5. Improve transaction reliability

  6. Identity Federation

  7. Payment Rails

  8. Inbuilt analytics

  9. Developer friendly

  10. Distributive in nature

For Eg:

Any FI could simply use our service to work and start using this as a base platform, quickly and rapidly create thier own services by using our generators to create a micro-service that can join and leave the service.

Finscale High Level Snapshot