What is Finscale?

Open Source Financial Technology Platform: FINSCALE

An innovative open source financial services platform that is continuous to change for any developer to serve the needs of their customer instantly and supporting thousands of transactions is a solution that is easy to change and develop.

Finscale can

  1. Run anywhere

  2. Provide inbuilt data security

  3. Ease of data migration and connectivity with any database be it a legacy database

  4. Afford to have regulatory change

  5. Improve transaction reliablity

  6. Identity Federation

  7. Payment Rails

  8. Inbuilt analytics

  9. Developer friendly

  10. Distributive in nature

For Eg:

Any FI could simply use our service to work and start using this as a base platform, quickly and rapidly create thier own services by using our generators to create a micro-service that can join and leave the service.